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Water heater repair & installation

We don't just pull your old water heater out and replace it. We first do a pressure test and that tells us what is happening with the water heater. We then check thermal expansion. We also give you options on gas or electric water heaters. We specialize in tank less water heaters.




​Boiler repair & installation

We have all the know how to make your boiler safe from relief valves not opening to lines properly moving steam. We also check for gas leaks and the pilot line and igniter for safe operations.




​Bathroom renovation

We can remove old cast iron tubs without a hassle. We can install a walk in shower for easy access. We can replace or repair any and all toilets and vanities. We repair faucets daily.




Kitchen renovation

We work on all kitchen appliances, gas or electric. We work with the customer to help them with any appliances. We can also install sinks and new kitchen faucets.


Water and gas lines installed

We can have a new water or gas line installed to meet and exceed the customers needs. We also repair the dug up ditch line by reseeding and covering with a biodegradable grass cover. This is done to leave the customer with better yard appearance and correct crowning of the ditch for better control of erosion.


Water piping repair & installation

We can have the customer back in service and are able to advise the customer on what caused the pipe to malfunction and how to prevent this from happening in the future.



We test for leaks and clogs in sinks, toilets, faucets, bathtubs, and sewer pipes.

We have a sewer camera and gas leak detectors. We also have seats and springs for faucet repairs. We have toilet repair kits on our trucks. We also have sewer machines to unclog the lines.


Repair/replace/install plumbing fixtures​

We have over 28 years of experience to do all this and more. Just ASK Us! 865-567-5100

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